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Somehow you've stumbled on this website, which is a good thing! In fact, if you came here from one of the links on the bottom of a website I've done, then you may be on the verge of benefitting from the web design services I can provide you or your company with. Although I have very little free time, I have been working on a few basic templets to work off of for basic web design options. If you or you're business is in need of a basic yet very professional web presence, then I may just have a solution that's right for you. Feel free to contact me if you are interested...

So what is Subtext Designs?

Subtext Desings is a design project name I came up with for myself. My name is Russ Stratfull. I started doing web design back in the year 2000 sometime (I'm not sure exactly when) by creating an online radio station called "Lynkz Radio". After that my interest continued to grow in web design and development. My interest eventually went beyond just simple HTML and I began working with basic scripting in javascript. I continued researching and developing my skills with whatever the current web standards were. (The W3C and various programmer friends of mine helped out alot there!).

Then in the year 2005 I began focusing my direction on server-side scripting once I realized the interactive potential that could be gained from server-side scripting languages such as PHP and ASP. And so, I decided to master PHP being that it's strength and reliability are heavily documented throughout the internet community. At this point I build every project I work on in PHP.

And most recently, I've realized the extreme potential that using databases can add to a high-demand professional website. With this in mind, I've begun incorporating the MYSQL database technology into all of my PHP driven websites.

This is Still a Work in Progress...

That's right. This site is far from done. In fact, I have only done this updated version of this site since the one before was far too disfunctional and it became clear to me that I should at least have a more current example of my skills and abilities available online. To be honest, I find very little time to work on my personal projects such as this site and my wife and I's website Don't forget about this site however. I DO have big plans for it on the horizon. It's just that there's not enough time in a day...


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